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Trusting Birth Summit

with Blyss Young

Blyss Young, LM CPM, is a home birth midwife, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulator and natural birth and family consultant. Through her guidance and love centered approach she supports families to birth in the ways that they feel most empowered. She is a firm believer in intuition, the sacredness and ritual of birth and the power of autonomy in birth. She has studied with both Dr. Stu Fischbein (LA’s only home birth obstetrician) and many skilled midwives. She has been fortunate to learn the art of midwifery in addition to the unique skills of delivering Breech, Twins and VBACs. At the heart of all of her work is a deeply rooted belief in the brilliant design of the human body and the symbiotic relationship between baby and parent. She continues to strive to support the sacredness of birth as a rite of passage, in the hopes to resurrect lost traditions that can bring connection to our high tech low touch lives.

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