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Trusting Birth Summit

with Faith Gibson

I am the mother of three, gave birth to my first baby in the backseat family care in effort to avoid Twilight Sleep drugs, gen. anesthesia, routine use of episiotomy and forceps. I now have 2 adult grandsons. Professionally, I was an ER and L&D nurse for 15 years, until I cross-trained into midwifery about 25 years ago.

Since then i have provided community-based midwifery care that includes prenatal and postpartum-postnatal care for my planned home birth families.

I also am an activist in the area of legislation that supports women’s reproductive health. As an licensed midwife, I was appointed to the California Medical Board’s Midwifery Advisory Council, which I chaired for three years, served for a total of 6 years.

I also have five birth and midwifery-related websites.

The major site primarily deals with the “Politics of Normal Childbirth and Helping to End the Hundred Years War between Midwifery & Medicine”.

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