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Lindsay McCoy
Doula & Exercise Physiologist

Lindsay McCoy is the co-founder of One Strong Mama– an online prenatal and postnatal exercise and birth preparation program focusing on pelvic floor, core and whole body function and preparing the body for a more efficient birth and recovery. She is also the founder of Body Ready Method, a professional training for perinatal and birth pros that teaches a new paradigm of physiological support in prenatal prep and birth support.

She is a mother of four, a doula and an exercise physiologist. Her passion is pregnancy and birth. She comes from a big family of Labor and Delivery nurses and OB/GYNs where birth talk was dinner talk at her house. She believes that she has a unique skill set as an exercise physiologist who has not only spent years learning about exercise and movement but specifically how exercise and movement relate to pregnancy and birth.

Beyond that, she has worked with hundreds of families as both a childbirth educator and a birth doula. She believes that going through the entire process with families really gives her skills that cannot be obtained in a book. She believes that pregnant people deserve to feel strong, beautiful and empowered through pregnancy and birth.

Lindsay believes that pregnant people do not have to “just deal” with back pain and sneeze pee just because they’ve experienced pregnancy and birth. She believes in the power of the amazing transformation that is becoming a parent whether the first time or the twelfth and whether unmedicated, medicated or surgically. She believes in parents and truly believes that helping pregnant people is her life’s work. Lindsay is passionate about giving professionals and pregnant people the necessary tools to achieve easier pregnancies, births, and recoveries.

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