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Trusting Birth Summit

with Maryn Green

Maryn Green has been attending women as a midwife since 2009; first as a licensed midwife and now as an independent, license-free autonomous midwife in Kentucky. Maryn is well known for her international association, the Indie Birth Association (indiebirth.org), which serves and educates women and midwives all over the world. She has written hundreds of blog posts about pregnancy. birth, midwifery as a spiritual process, radical birth and mothering and recorded more than 200 episodes of her podcast, “Taking Back Birth” that encourage women and midwives to rethink what they have been taught, and re-connect with ancient wisdom and the spiritual journey of it all. With Margo, Maryn co-founded the Indie Birth Midwifery School (indiebirthmidwiferyschool.org) in 2017 in order to help create more radical midwives and released her first book, Indie Birth: A Story of Radical Birth Love in 2019. Maryn has been taught by witnessing hundreds of undisturbed births, the best of which have been the births of her own 10 children. Her newest manifestation project is the Indie Birth Sanctuary; a collaborative project with other birth revolutionaries that will provide a conscious, high vibration birth place for women in the mountains of Kentucky; while also training new midwives in physiological and breech birth (indiebirthsanctuary.org).

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